Photo by Trinity Wall

Karen practices subtle neuromuscular healing based on SMRT.

This non-invasive modality can alleviate chronic pain, and is gentle enough for anyone.  The experience is similar to that of hands-on energy work, although it is directed at physical structures.  This therapy is recommended in particular for that which has been resistant to other forms of treatment.  It has the potential to alleviate bony misalignment as well as issues with muscles and connective tissue.

Karen is a licensed massage therapist, trained in many traditions, from Swedish and deep tissue, to Thai and Kurdish massage, to Reiki.  She has discovered over the years that making subtle suggestions to the physical body can allow radical instant and lasting change, by encouraging the body to heal itself.

To have a healing session in your location in Vail, pricing is $150/hour.  If you are able to come to Karen's home, the charge is only $90/hour, or $50/half-hour.

“What I like best about the SMRT technique is that it works! I have issues with hyper-flexibility, and often have subluxation of my ribs and right shoulder. This results in deep, continuous pain that is not relieved by traditional massage.

SMRT eliminates my pain, releasing muscles and ligaments and allowing my body to relax and return to a proper alignment. The benefits are immediate and extraordinary.

SMRT is a gentle, extremely effective technique, and Karen is an excellent practitioner.
— Lisa Ourisman