While reading about meditation can help you to choose the right technique for you, the benefits only come from practice.

Committing to as regular a practice as possible given the constraints of your life will lead to the most enjoyable and rewarding experience.  The online courses below offer traditional instructions in a modern secular context, and are designed to give you the tools and confidence for regular ongoing practice.  

Click on the title of an online meditation course below to view details and to register.  All are available by donation, and should play on your smartphone or computer.  The suggested donation is just a guide, please don't let finances stop you from participating.  These courses will be available indefinitely, so once you are registered, you are free to revisit them when you like.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Twenty-one 15-minute recordings with guidance for arranging the body, dealing with discomfort, balancing effort, and cultivating mindfulness of the body, feeling tones, and mind.

 An Undefended Heart

Thirty 15-minute recordings to generate forgiveness, kindness, compassion, joy, and emotional balance compiled from diverse traditions.

Calming the Mind

Seven 30-minute recordings to develop mental stability and concentration.


Twenty 30-minute recordings exploring the natural awakened experience.

photo by Moonstone Jackson

photo by Moonstone Jackson

Considering starting a meditation practice?

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