Receive 30 fifteen-minute audio recordings of guided meditations to practice in the comfort of your home. Suggested donation is $50.

Many of us wait for conditions to bring about enjoyable emotions such as love or peace.  But wisdom traditions teach that we can practice cultivating these states, which they explain are our true nature but get obscured by fear and confusion.

The meditations comprise a survey of such 'heart practices', drawn from various traditions, to comprehensively promote positive emotional states. These pro-social attitudes- called the 'abode of the gods'- include loving-kindness (founded on forgiveness), compassion, joy and equanimity.

Although you may want to complete the course in 30 days, it is recommended to repeat a given heart practice until it takes root in your heart and mind.  So if you find a practice that feels relevant to you, spend as long as you like with it.  The audio will remain available indefinitely.

Many of the meditations involve repeating phrases, and some of these phrases may be hard to remember.  It is not required to memorize anything; rather feel free to shorten the phrases to a manageable length, in a way that maintains the felt sense of the phrase to you.

If you are brand new to meditation, it is recommended (but not required) to begin with the 21 days of mindfulness course, to establish a basic foundation of spacious attention.  Please email Karen at with any questions.

To participate, click the donate button below.  The password will appear on the donation page; use the password to access to the Audio page of this website, containing the 30 meditations.