200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Karen will lead 200-hour alignment-based vinyasa yoga teacher training at the Vail Athletic Club in the spring of 2020. The course will be held over 8 consecutive weekends, beginning May 2/3 and ending June 20/21.  Karen has been teaching this course since 2013.

We will focus on deepening your personal practice and the art of teaching yoga.  We will explore the physical body, the energetic body, and the mind, bringing the traditional practice into the modern context. Karen combines alignment-based Ashtanga yoga with classical vinyasa, and integrates Buddhist philosophy into the history of yogic thought.

The training includes daily practice of asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation, as well as instruction of physical and subtle body anatomy, philosophy, and teaching methodology.  We read the classic original texts, in approachable translations.  We focus on the assessment of a posture from a functional movement perspective, as well as the safe and appropriate hands-on assist to suit the individual.

 The cost is $3000 and includes all books, materials, guest teachers and potential field trips. You may repeat the course for 1/2 price; if you already have 200-hour certification from another school, the cost is only $2000.

We will be reading the following:

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali by Chip Hartranft

The Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Swatmarama translated by Pancham Sinh

The Bhagavad Gita : Pocket Edition by Swami Nikhilananda

This course is registered with the Yoga Alliance.   Please email karene@vail.net with questions or to apply. The club will take a $500 deposit to reserve your spot. Call (970) 476-7964 to register!

I had the great chance of taking the 200 hour teacher training program with Karen this past fall and I have to say that it was truly a transformative experience! I didn’t know what to expect, but living in a western culture, I wasn’t prepared for anything of that magnitude!

Karen’s class did not solely touch on but thoroughly explained the technicality of the asanas, breathing, meditation (the tools), but also engaged us into a more spiritual approach on yoga and life, in general, igniting a thirst for a deeper inquiry and search into our own being and presence here, a broader view and understanding.

It is quite the task to try and find a true Teacher- a Guru, if you will-but I was fortunate to find the right one, right here in Vail!
— Tamara Mesaros
Self-reflective, empowering, and insightful are three words I would use to describe Karen’s training. Karen is very knowledgeable, intelligent, and is deeply passionate about sharing her experiences and expertise with others. Her genuine nature to help gave us all a profound knowledge of how to reflect and embody the yoga lifestyle in our own lives, and then be able to share it with others. The small, intimate group was ideal for learning and better understanding the body and practice of yoga.
— Julie Wilson
I had taken Karen’s yoga classes and loved them as my passion for yoga was growing. I was so incredibly happy when Karen was offering a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and immediately wanted in on it. It was truly the best 200 hours of my life so far. We had a number of books provided to read throughout the training that were wonderful to read, some had a little commentary in them to explain but I preferred to hear Karen’s commentary rather than what was in the book, she explains things so that you can have a knowledge of what you’re reading , and encourages you to ask questions to get the deeper understanding. Karen’s wisdom and insight is stunning to listen to. She will teach you how to bring yoga into your everyday life and better yourself and more so those surrounding you. Karen brings warmth to a room that makes you feel incredibly comfortable and non-judged. I am incredibly grateful for the teacher training experience and can’t wait to continue expanding my knowledge on this path!
— Kirstie Lovelace
Karen’s teacher training did so much more for me than teach me yoga. It kept me happy and healthy during a very tough time in my life as well as happy and healthy in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Karen’s style of approaching yoga and life has certainly changed and inspired mine.
— Liv Fagerholm
I took Karen’s yoga teacher training class in the fall of 2014. I would take the class 10 times over if I had the time. Karen taught me more than yoga poses, and alignment. I went home learning to face my authentic self and be honest about my journey and personal life. You will take home with you more than what you envisioned and exactly what you, personally need in your life. I couldn’t be more thankful for Karen, the class she taught, and the people I was able to learn with.
— Chanelle Fleury
Karen is a wonderful person and an incredible teacher. Her knowledge is vast, and I feel fortunate to benefit from her decades of experience. Whether we took the teacher training for professional goals or to deepen our personal practice, I think we were all enriched by the experience.
— Kat Jahnigen
Taking Karen’s teacher training was a great time for me. The timing was convenient for my schedule, which made it easy to spend the time deepening my practice. Going into the training I was not planning on actually leading classes, but to understand what I was spending my time doing. Karen did a great job with tying together the pieces of yoga in a non-judgmental way. She presented the material allowing us to make decisions on what we wanted to think. The importance of keeping people safe and all the physical aspects were well presented. Karen’s knowledge is deep and her fellow presenters did a great job. I recommend the class as great use of your time.
— Geordy Ogden
Karen Anderson’s 200 hour CYT Course can be the beginning of your amazing journey too! I wanted to expand my yogic knowledge, deepen my practice and learn more about the history of Yoga in order to derive more “meaning” to this path I am on. I was hungry for more substance to bring to my mat as an Instructor and Karen is able to impart her knowledge in a patient, informative, easy to digest manner. I found she is able to disseminate a great deal of information in an organized, instructive, yet engaging way. Her program gave me a thirst to want to learn even more! She brought in fascinating Guest Speakers which added another dimension to our training. She always made time for Q & A sessions which is vital to a new student’s ability to learn & retain that information. And I feel she gave us all the necessary tools to become better students and amazing instructors as well!
— Jodie Oleson