Karen is available for private yoga and meditation sessions at your location in Vail.

Private lessons can be of benefit at any stage of practice.  They are valuable for those who are new to yoga, to learn how to do the postures and breathing correctly and to get more out of group classes.  They are an opportunity for advanced students to break down more challenging poses, learn personalized breathwork, deepen meditation, or discuss applied philosophy and the path.

Private lessons are of particular benefit for those for whom group classes are inappropriate.  Sessions can be tailored to your unique physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, in order to advance your integrated health, happiness, and relationship to the world.  The postures, breathing and meditative attitude will improve physical function, vitality, mental stability, and connectivity to your environment.

To book an appointment, or to inquire if private lessons might be right for you, email karene@vail.net.

Pricing at your location in Vail is $150/hour ($200/90 minutes) for 1-4 people, and $200/hour for 5-8 people.  All mats and props are provided.  Please give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation, or there will be a full charge.  Pay by cash or check, or if you prefer to pay by credit card, you can do so here with for a 5% additional fee.