Receive 7 thirty-minute audio recordings of guided meditations to practice in the comfort of your home. Suggested donation is $25.

Calm-abiding practice composes and unifies the mind in single-pointed meditation.  Traditionally, it has been used to stabilize the mind for insight practice.

In training the mind to be steady, we gain knowledge about what tends to destabilize our mind.  As we develop concentration, we experience a well-being that arises without external cause.  As our concentration deepens, we experience the kind of mind that is able to discern the truth of our experience.

This is an intermediate course that assumes a foundation in mindfulness practice.  If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended to do the 21 days of mindfulness course before engaging in concentration practice.  Please email Karen at with any questions.

To participate, click the donate button below.  The password will appear on the donation page; use the password to access to the Audio page of this website, containing the 7 meditations.